Adopt-a-Student Project

STILL BURSTING WITH UP SPIRIT? it never dies, does it? So, come and help make young dreams come true!

Yes, the University of the Philippines is a field of dreams. Many young people dream of getting a U.P. education. But hurdling the admission test is only the first step. Staying on to finish a degree is the BIG struggle --especially to those who are less endowed with financial resources.

It is no secret that many students find it hard to survive in UP Diliman on a shoestring budget. True, there is the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP), but with inflation, benefits given to Brackets 1 to 4 (students from the low-income group) are not sufficient any more. There are also some scholarships like STFAP, but some benefits are not enough.

In addition, scholarships and financial assistance have academic requirements also to be maintained, however minimal, as in STFAP. Yet many students lose their living subsidies due to academic qualifications. Records from the Office of Scholarhips and Student Services show that 37% of lower-bracket students did not report their grades to claim their stipends. There is a strong possibility that some of these students may have stopped studying during the semester they have lost their living subsidies for lack of finances. If borne by statistics, this is a sad development considering the high potentials of these students who qualified for admission out of over 60,000 applicants who take the UPCAT every year.

WE APPEAL TO THE ALUMNI, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WERE ONCE RECIPIENTS OF SCHOLARSIPS, GRANTS-IN-AID AND STFAP, to reach out to these disadvantaged students by sharing a part of their finances. In the Adopt -a-Student project, we aim to help students tide over their need when they have lost their grants, until they qualify again.

The amount of P25,000 per semester or P50,000 a year is needed to support a student. You may choose to give the entire amount or you may donate any amount that will go to a pool. The donation can be a one-time or a yearly grant. checks should be payable to the University of the Philippines Diliman (Adopt a Student Project). Alternatively, you may want to set up your own grant in the University to be named after you.

If you are interested in adopting a student today, please contact

Office of Scholarships and Student Services
Mailing Address: Rm 303, Vinzon Hall
            University of the Philippines
            Diliman, Quezon City
            1101 Metro Manila
Telefax:      (+632)928-7228
Trunkline:   (+632)981-8500 Local4505
Email Address:

A UP graduate is a UP graduate wherever one goes. One stands tall and proud in being one. You can help others become graduates too, and turn their dreams into reality.