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Dean Aurorita T. Roldan: A State of the Art CHE
by Haidee C. Pineda, UPDIO
Leonardo A. Reyes and Jefferson Villacruz, photographers

Dr. Aurorita T. Roldan swearing in before Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma as the new CHE dean.

(August 7)— Off to a busy start.

For Dr. Aurorita T. Roldan, her first two months as College of Home Economics (CHE) dean were very productive.

Roldan said she has already attended to all her planned activities as soon as her appointment as dean came out. Among the things she accomplished include the faculty development plan, starting the review of the curriculum, conducting a planning workshop for the College Executive Board (CEB) and a team building for the staff and holding a dialogue with students.

“I’m actually done with my first 100 days. In fact, the State of the Art [project], started already on July 15. The culmination of that would be November when we celebrate our Home Economics anniversary, but, it has started already. I have also met up with students, admin personnel, REPS and faculty immediately after I was [appointed as] dean,” she said.

A project that is on top of the Dean’s priorities is the “State of the Art” which “refers to the most current general development in the seven disciplines of CHE and pertinent, present national condition, related data and issues on the subject.”

Roldan took her oath of office before UPD Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma on August 2 at the Office of the Chancellor. She serves a 3-year term effective June 1, 2013 until May 31, 2016.

Roldan’s vision for CHE is to have a “vanguard of inspired, committed and excellent faculty members abreast with current issues and occupied with discourses on new-found ideas in their various fields of discipline.” She said this is because she firmly believes that “the foundation of a solid academic institution is in its faculty.”

In addition, the new dean sees the need for CHE to have relevant and comprehensive curricula. CHE has 17 academic programs, seven in the undergraduate and 10 in the graduate levels (including PhD and diploma programs) which are “in dire need of revision.” Her vision is to have the revisions approved by the University Council before the end of Academic Year 2015-2016.

Roldan also envisions the college to have an established and strengthened network with government and industry.

CHE Dean Roldan signs her oath of office before Chancellor Saloma with her family as witness (from left) grandchildren Alab, Ilaya and Leon, daughter-in-law Gina, son Reiner and husband Marlon.

“With the participation of individuals from all sectors of the college in fund raising such as the CHE alumni, faculty, students and staff, together with the support of UP administration, I hope to see the construction of the new CHE building commence by 2015,” Roldan said.

With regard to projects started by her predecessor, Roldan said “Of course I will continue some of the initiatives of my predecessor especially the projects of the former dean, because she was able to get quite a number of projects for infrastructure.”

“I just realized that the United Nations has declared 2014 as the 20th International Year of the Family (IYF). So, the College of Home Economics being the main institution that really upholds family, we have quite a big plan for that,” the dean said.

For the past seven years, Roldan has been actively supporting the endeavors of the Department of Family Life and Child Development (FLCD).  After the retirement of former CHE dean Dr. Ma. Lourdes D. Catral on June 1, Roldan was requested to take on a responsibility bigger than her home department, and that is to serve as CHE’s acting dean.

Three weeks later, from being CHE’s officer-in-charge, Roldan succeeded retired professor Catral as the new dean of the college.

Roldan earned her PhD in Psychology (2002) and BS Home Economics (1974) from UPD. She took her MA Development Studies major in Women and Development at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1986.

She currently hosts DZUP’s segment on CHE’s weekly live show Kagalingang Pantahanan.