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CCAS hosts Eid al-Fitr in UPD

UPD Chancellor Saloma (left) and Dean Wadi (center) arrive at the Balay Tsanselor for the

(August 29)—To mark the end of the month-long fasting and prayer throughout Ramadan in UPD, no less than Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma hosted Eid al-Fitr or the feast of breaking the fast, on August 10 at the Balay Tsanselor.

This year’s Eid al-Fitr was the first to be hosted by a UPD Chancellor on campus, said Dean Julkipli M. Wadi of the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS).

About 100 UP faculty, students and guests who mostly belonged to the Islam faith participated in the celebration.

Wadi said past Eid al-Fitr celebrations were mostly spearheaded by IIS, but in a meeting with Saloma sometime in July, the Chancellor offered to host the event to show solidarity with the Muslims on campus.  The Dean thanked the Chancellor on the gesture.

The Kappa Malong-Malong is one of the three cultural presentations performed at the event.

The Eid al-Fitr celebration in UPD was organized by the Office of the Chancellor through IIS, the Office of Extension Coordination and IIS student organizations UP Muslim Students Association (UP MSA) and Wahdat al-Asabbiyah.

At the event, Mehol K. Sadain, an IIS alumnus and secretary of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) reflected on the contributions of the institution, emphasizing that it is important to let everyone know that graduates of IIS stay in the Philippines to teach Islamic Studies.

Guests were treated to three cultural presentations: Kappa Malong-Malong, Tenes-tenes and Pangalay.  Closing the event was former IIS dean Carmen A. Abubakar.—MDJ with LAR