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UPD opens big in National Science and Technology week

Model of the proposed automated guideway transit
system to be tested and built inside UPD.

(July 17)—UPD has long been a hub of science and technology research, and this was no more evident than during the recently concluded National Science and Technology Week, where through its experts and collaborations with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the University’s presence was strongly felt throughout the celebration.

UPD set up one of the largest and most-visited booths inside the main exhibition floor at the SM Convention Center, with several of the College of Science and College of Engineering’s more interesting studies on hand for display, one of which is the Secure Online USB Login System, or SOUL system, which won the grand prize in the Kaspersky International Cup 2012 and the Kaspersky Lab Asia Pacific and MEA Cup 2012.

Many of DOST’s experts and featured speakers in the various scientific fora held throughout the week were also from UPD, while Dr. Ma. Corazon De Ungria of the Natural Sciences Research Institute won the Outstanding Research and Development Award for Applied Research for her work on a study entitled “Y-STR Analysis of 154 female child sexual assault cases in the Philippines.”

Students and visitors gather inside the UPD booth,
where they explored models of the various studies being
conducted inside the University. Here students are
introduced to a simplified wind-generator system
developed by researchers in the College of Engineering.

Organized by the DOST, the five-day affair is one of its largest annual events, with experts from all over the country coming in to discuss matters relevant to the “[transformation] of scientific knowledge into useful and value-adding technological innovations” that will meet the country’s needs and keep up with the demands of the global environment.

This year’s theme was “Science, Technology and Innovation: Working Together for Growth and Development.”

At the center of the exhibit were DOST’s high-impact technology solutions, two of which involve UPD experts and scientists: Project NOAH and the automated guideway transit system, known inside UPD as the monorail system.

Project NOAH, the new flood warning system co-developed by DOST, select UPD units, PAGASA and other government agencies will install infrastructure and “promote and integrate advanced science and technology to enhance disaster management and prevention capacity of the Philippine government.”

Also in the exhibit were private companies partially funded/started by the DOST, including several of the startup projects housed within UPD’s technology business incubators.—AKR