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P351M now available for UPD use

Hardin ng Rosas

(July 19)—Twenty-nine proposed renovation projects, many involving academic buildings, can now be implemented with the Board of Regents’ (BOR) approval of the programming of the P351,447,523.20 UPD Trust Fund.

The BOR, at its 1288th meeting on June 20, approved the programming of said amount for UPD’s Construction Outlay (CO), Equipment Outlay (EO) and maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE). The recent BOR action was recommended by UPD Chancellor Caesar Saloma and endorsed by the Office of the UP President.

“Our office (the OC) has received many requests for funding of renovation work and laboratory equipment purchases from the deans and directors,” said Saloma. “Such requests are just as crucial for the University as the large new constructions that are now on-going. They form an integral part of our on-going effort to build a strong maintenance and safety culture for the campus.”

A unit at Hardin ng Rosas

The said amount is UPD’s 60 percent share of the earnings generated from the UP-Ayala Technohub and the UP Town Center, properties UP leased to Ayala Land, Inc.

The leased UP properties are PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects in the Diliman campus, and are located within its resource generation zones as accorded by the BOR approved 2012 UPD Land Use Plan.  Earnings from the projects are divided into a 60-40 sharing: UP System gets 40 percent, UPD, 60 percent.

As early as 2012, the Office of the Chancellor, with assistance from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (OVCA), the UPD Budget Office and the UPD Accounting Office, lined up the projects for funding. The larger projects on the list were submitted to and approved for funding by the Department of Budget and Management through the Commission on Higher Education. The funded projects are currently undergoing construction on-campus such as the simultaneous renovation work of the older residence halls and the construction of the School of Statistics building.

Other projects were “recommended for line up when funds become available.”

Eighty-nine percent (P313,900,000.00) of the P351 plus million share is dedicated to CO.  The rest of the amount is to be used for the campus’ EO (P19,520,725.00) and MOOE (P18,026,798.20).

University Library (Gonzalez Hall)

The OVCA listed 29 CO renovation projects of the following academic units: College of Architecture, College of Arts and Letters, College of Human Kinetics, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, College of Mass Communication (CMC), College of Social Work and Community Development, College of Science, College of Fine Arts, College of Home Economics (CHE), College of Music, and the Archaeological Studies Program.

Also receiving funds for their recommended CO projects are the Housing Office for the renovation of the Hardin ng Rosas; the UP Diliman Police for a satellite police station; the Office of the Campus Architect to expand its office at Coral Building; the University Library for its site development fronting the UP Lagoon and the Academic Oval; and the University Theater for its revitalized air-conditioning and other renovation works.

UPD’s counterpart amount to House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte’s generous allocation of P15 million for the construction of the Olympic size Swimming Pool is also included.

Ramp at Gonzalez Hall

Meanwhile, seven UPD units will finally have funds for laboratories and service equipment. These units are: CMC, CHE, the Diliman Interactive Learning Center (DILC), the UPD Information Office (UPDIO), the Human Resources Development Office (HRDO), the Diliman Learning Resource Center (DLRC) and the UP Center for Ethnomusicology (UPCE).

Excerpts of the BOR’s 1288th meeting states the amount certified available by the UPD Accounting office is to be utilized “to cover expenses for faculty and staff development and welfare, including the increase of UPD’s counterpart contribution to the Provident Fund and other MOOE expenditures (MOOE); for the construction of academic and other buildings and to fund urgent repairs and rehabilitation of existing buildings and other infrastructure projects (CO); and for the purchase of IT laboratory and other equipment (EO).”

“We want to ensure that the resources that are generated from the sensible utilization of our land assets are re-invested to improve the University for the common good,” Saloma said. “The use of the (60% share from PPP Projects) fund for MOOE, CO and EO multiplies the benefits for the whole University.”

Saloma shared that a second batch of requests from the deans and directors will be lined up for funding.—MDJ