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UPD welcomes freshmen

(June 7)—It’s the start of another academic year, and that means a new batch of fresh faces will enter the hallowed halls of the University. One of the first “welcome” activities for the year is the annual Freshman Welcome Assembly, to be held on June 13, the first day of classes,  at the UP Theater.

Organized by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the roughly 3-hour event serves as the official introduction between the incoming freshmen and the officials of UPD and the UP System administration led by UPD Chancellor Caesar S. Saloma and UP President Alfredo E. Pascual.

It also features numbers from some of UPD’s most noted performing groups, including the UP Rayadillo, UP ROTC Symphonic Band, UP Singing Ambassadors, UP Streetdance, UP Sinagbayan, Kontra-GaPi and UP Pep Squad.

This year there are two sessions scheduled: the morning session (from 8 a.m. onwards) will be for freshmen of all colleges except those of the colleges of Science, Engineering and Social Sciences and Philosophy; the afternoon session (beginning 1 p.m.) will be for the freshmen of the aforementioned exceptions.

Classes for freshmen are suspended for the day to allow for attendance. In addition, Saloma, in a memorandum dated May 18, 2012, requested the professors of upperclassmen involved in the welcome assembly to also excuse them for the day.—AKR